Junon 05-2014 [Miura Shohei]

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R E N O of the Turks. ♔
Requested by emptyfantasies.

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                 Maou (2008) x Alice no Toge (2014) 


fine boys 2014 May

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The theme songs for each of the Arashi member’s latest dramas.

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What can i say, at first i was about to make a tiny post aka “wow,thanks” and get away with it, but i decided to be honest with you. It’s been too long since i’m not really active on tumblr or anywhere online. It’s not that i have personal problems or a lot of stuff to do in real life.. nope, thanks god i’m actually totally okay there. But i really miss myself posting self-made edits and gifs here on tumblr, making decent videos on YT and talking to people who i used to talk with before. I’m sorry, guys, for losing this motivation recently. Right now i can describe myself as lazy, uninspired, inconversable shit. Seriously. It feels like i force myself to go here, to watch dorams, to edit new videos and it’s kinda sad. Though anytime i get new followers, messages, comments (somehow it’s still happening) i become really happy and thankful, that makes me remember how i enjoyed creating things, makes not to give up everything what builds me as Banana. Thank you so much for your never-ending support and all that feed-back. You’re awesome. I will do my best to prove your expectations someday. Thank you and sorry.    


Happy Easter.

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