Band of Brothers 1.06 - “Bastogne”

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TOM HARDY AND HIS HATS 94 - 102 of ??? (request by: toothpicard)

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"This is the first role I love this much. Acting as Kenshin again, I thought deeply about Kenshin as a person and that made me feel far better for Kenshin. When I watch Kenshin objectively, I feel as if he were a friend living inside of me… He is a really good guy. I felt like that for the first time in my life. Moreover, of course, I have affection to every role I’ve acted, but this is the first time that I felt ‘I want to act more’ or ‘I want to keep acting forever.’" | Sato Takeru [x]

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Maybe, we are also able to change.

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Aoi Miyazaki by Kishin Shinoyama

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How about we give her a shot?

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