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I think I would have liked Legolas a lot more if he was just constantly rambling this strange stream of consciousness out loud to no one in particular.

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Artist: Marina and the Diamonds
Track: Teen Idle
Album: Electra Heart
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teen idle // marina and the diamonds

i wish i wasn’t such a narcissist
i wish i didn’t really kiss
the mirror when i’m on my own
oh, god, i’m gonna die alone

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But the child had a protector who showed the others that this innocence was to be prized, it was to be their redemption.

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Mana Ashida, 2012 Vogue Japan

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Happy 2 Year Anniversary!

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мы с тобой вдвоём
летим, плывём…


Joseph Gordon-Levitt photographed by Stuart Isett for The New York Times (2007)

That’s how he shoot~

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ikurah(イクラ)2014 S/S

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