You are an emotion, a light. In the time I’ve come to discover you as an actor it has been a journey. From a burgeoning interest in your work, to a blossoming love for you as an individual, my love for you knows no bounds. You are more than an inspiration; you are an example. An example of a good human being, a passionate artist, and a giver of truth. In your work it shows— you are never anything but honest. But even moreso in your interviews, it shows you are simply trying to live a full life to the best of your abilities. And in your own path through life I hope you know, you’ve picked up many stragglers along the way. Knowingly or not. Many of your fans wouldn’t even be able to begin to describe their favorite bit about you because as we all know, you are a walking anomaly. You have been such a blessing in my life the past 3 years or so I’ve come to discover you, and you are everything I aspire to be. I can only hope that one day I can be half of the unabashed, honest, kindhearted, passionate, sensitive, and charitable individual you are. Everyday I am trying. You give me a semblance of hope. So…thank you. For the light you bring, and the lives you save. It is more than just entertainment. You are cherished, you are loved. And I hope your birthday this year is a good one. September 15th, 1977…the day حب came into existence.

Much love…from a fan,



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cinematoday (2014.08.30)

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Narimiya Hiroki & Ayano Go in Legend Junon 2014.

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chris evans filmography

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I'm not confident that I can do anything; I'm confident, now, that no matter how harsh the task or how much the loss, I won't run away from it.” (insp.)

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Imagine your icon. Just, imagine. Now imagine dragons. Listen to Imagine Dragons. Imagine your icon imagining dragons while listening to Imagine Dragons singing about Imagine Dragons imagining dragons. Imagine.

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nippori’s first successful stag handstand feat. supportive younger siblings

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2013 Seventeen Summer Festival Game time

Miura x Yusuke